Philosophy and Pricing

Negative consequences to learning golf incorrectly:

Golf is such a fine and precise action that it requires a disciplined approach when trying to learn it. You must get it right from the very beginning, then the movements are natural and athletic.

”Golf is fairly simple if learned properly, but if learned improperly, it is nearly impossible.”
Mike Reilly, PGA

By taking lessons at the Mike Reilly Golf Academy you will insure that your technique is correct, which will then enable you to develop a quality golf swing. After gaining the ability to strike the ball consistently solid, the rest of the game needs to be learned so you can start scoring with consistency.

Areas of Instruction

Full Swing: Starting from the grip and proceeding to the follow through, the golf swing must be learned from the very start. Every step needs to be calculated precisely for the finished product to work consistently.
Chipping/Pitching: These are short versions of the full swing and usually any full swing flaws will also occur when chipping or pitching the ball. Being able to chip/pitch consistently is essential to scoring.
Bunker play: There is a technique to bunker play that makes this shot fairly simple. Most pros would rather be in the sand than in high grass around the green because the shot is so easy to them. But its all in the technique and there is no reason it can’t be learned by everyone.
Putting: As in other areas of golf, the putting technique has to be learned precisely. Lessons in putting are as important as in the full swing considering that half the strokes in a round of golf occur on the greens.

Private Lesson Costs:

With Mike Reilly
Adults:$60/ half hour
 $110/ hour
 Package of 5, ½ hour lessons – $275
 Package of 5, 1-hour lessons – $500
Juniors:$55/ half hour
 $95/ hour
 Package of 5, ½ hour lessons – $250
 Package of 5, 1-hour lessons – $450